A drunk 44 year-old Australian man, Jason Peter Darragh, has been jailed 6 months and 2 weeks for fighting with several police officers in Changi Airport early this year.

Darragh was charged for his altercation with police officers who were trying to perform their duties, hurling expletives at them and trying to resist arrest. He also pleaded guilty of verbally abusing a police officer who brought him to Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 26 April after he was found to be too drunk to take care of himself.

According to court documents, Darragh arrived in Changi Airport from Perth on 19 April. Just after midnight on 20 April, Darragh was already too drunk to find the check-in counter for his flight to Cebu, so he asked a member of public for directions to Terminal 2, who showed him the way.

However, the drunken Caucasian became agitated and hurled vulgarities at the member of public, who walked away. The drunken man reacted by grabbing the kind samaritan’s mobile phone and threw it on the floor before walking away.

The victim sought help from police at Terminal 2. Police later spotted Darragh and engaged the raging drunk man, who became aggressive and fought to resist arrest. During the altercation, he punched a police officer in the face while causing a large commotion.

It took 6 officers to subdue Darragh.

“(Darragh) verbally abused and threatened the police officers loudly. He challenged their authority and taunted them by dancing. (Darragh) subjected them to physical violence,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Nim told the court.

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