Dear A.S.S. Editor,

This Ang Mo Supermarket just opened at Ang mo kio St 21 and I find it problematic that their system which uses cash or card does not show the discount on the front screen panel. Only the cashier can see it. Why is that so? So they want us to pay blindly and then argue about it later? What is there to hide and only the cashier can see it?

When I asked why not showing, the cashier says after pay then on the receipt it will show. I asked, why after pay then show? Why cannot be shown on the display for customers to see but only the cashier to see. The cashier then asked me to view it from her side. I had to walk back to the isle to check the item’s price to see if correct. Then another guy comes along.

This guy I have encountered before. Cant talk proper English, yet it seems he’s in charge of this store. He also telling me the same thing. I told him off on the fact that if it is visible to them, it should be visible to us.

What is there to hide? His big “how lian” mouth open to say they will give money as refund if got mistake. I then asked him, what happens when we have the “smart nation” method happening and all cashless. How they want to justify and refund me if the item is punched in wrongly.

This is not the first time I have issue with this LOUSY Senior Staff (not sure if he’s manager) at Ang Mo Supermarket. They got many stores in SG yet they got no quality people to look after nor do they have any idea that we,THE CONSUMERS, should view our bill before we pay.

Do they go to a restaurant and have a waiter just tell them how much to pay…or do they want to see the bill first? Do you pay your water bill blindly or you see how much first?

This Ang Mo Supermarket main office also, complain to them is useless. They don’t return calls or care if a complaint is made or feedback is given. It is so convenient to go to them because it is just built so near my flat now, even thought Sheng Siong is a little further and has been around many years already…but each time I go I feel uncomfortable with their system that does not reveal the price properly & that particular senior staff that acts and talks like he is a big boss. That’s not how to run a business.

I encourage all persons to ASK this company ANG MO SUPERMARKET why they don’t reveal the discount price to be viewed before payment & why they have such lousy management staff?

Pissed Off
A.S.S. Contributor

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