A netizen decided to translate a Straits Times Forum Letter about choping tables at hawkers into Singlish with funny results!

View the translation here:

“Really dunno why our own Singapore special way for customer to faster get sit at hawker centre oso can find fault until become problem.

Because messy no system tats why in Singapore come up with choping so easy less mafan wat.

If not then after buy food already no place then walk here walk there to find sit meh?

Liddat then oso no need talk about go hawker centre meet friends already loh, whole group must sit separate because so hard to find empty table.

I think hor, those complain one all only dunno how to follow or just purposely dowan because wan to act high class.

Most jialat is NEA make until so blur.

People just wan to confirm. Can chope or cannot chope.

NEA reply jitao make until more messy. House rule at Tampines Hub and Tiong Bahru Market is for what? Dun follow will kena anot?

If ban choping, I tink Singaporeans oso tink gahmen should come up with better idea.”

The original Straits Times letter reads:

“It is beyond me how a uniquely Singaporean social norm that allocates hawker centre patrons seats efficiently and effectively can become an issue.

The practice of “choping” is an elegant and simple solution that has evolved in Singapore in the absence of a proper seat allocation system.

The alternative is to have patrons wandering around in search of a seat after purchasing their meal, simply because they do not have one to go back to.

And forget about hawker centres being communal places for interaction – groups will, in all likelihood, have to sit separately because the chances of finding an empty table are slim.

To my mind, the only ones complaining are those who either don’t know how to “play the game” or who refuse to do so because of some that they wish to claim.

What is most perturbing is the National Environment Agency’s waffling over this issue.

People are just asking for a little guidance. Either ban choping or don’t.

The NEA’s response only muddies things further (Two hawker centres set ‘house rules’ against choping; Sept 2). Just what purpose do the “house rules” at Our Tampines Hub and Tiong Bahru Market serve? Are there consequences for not heeding them?

If choping is banned, I am certain that Singaporeans would appreciate if policymakers could propose a more effective alternative.”

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