A netizen has submitted a Facebook post which alleges that an art work purportedly drawn by a principal of a primary school promotes homosexuality.
According to the netizen, she found the art work on the website of the Singapore Teachers' Academy for the Arts (STAR).
She wrote: "Not sure if the Principal made the artwork. If yes, then those words in cursive handwriting are his. What was he thinking?!? I thought government stance is against promoting homosexuality? I am confused."
The netizen has also transcribed the words in the art work for the benefit of our readers: 
"It's good to visit old friends again. the At once old yet unfamiliar feeling. It is happening so often here. The avenues are the same, the trees haven't changed, even the smell of the place smells familiar but so much has become unrecognisable, people have come and go. One faces remain but the heart's not the same. Adrienne was so pleased to know that I've paid for the framing. I'm glad I could do that for her. Barry's getting old and burnt-out is setting in. Poor man, he shouldn't be living alone at his age. I hope my presence at the studio was a comfort to him. I made these drawings of skulls. Hmm….? Got potential. I bought the 3 prints…. I'm so pleased. I hope they wouldn't get smashed on their way to America. Had a wonderful conversation with Stu and Peter abt homosexuality last night. There is so much misunderstandings + fear…. Is the church ever going to (????) the people + God (????)? What is the Christian's hope to gays? So pertinent! So pertinent!"
See the post here.

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