I would like to share some strange occurrences I encountered, living at 110 Bt Purmei which directly faces the spooky St Teresa’s Church columbarium. In fact, residents were not so happy when a place that houses the dead was built so close to the living! Remember the Sengkang columbarium saga?

At first, I thought it was some prankster trying to be funny when I heard crying coming from the direction of the columbarium a few months back when I just moved to the estate. As the months passed, the apparent “crying” sometimes became wailing and it will occur when it is about 3am in the wee hours on odd days.

I then asked my neighbours about this and what they told me next really got me startled. I would have never purchased this house if I knew it was like that as I really never noticed the columbarium there. My neighbours said it has always been so, ever since the new block of columbarium was built and they have even informed the previous Reverend who rubbish away their concerns as either superstition or an over active mind playing tricks on their part.

I thus consulted my monks at Mangala Vihara and they advised me to do puja and dedicate merits to those spirits as they could have grievances or died vengeful deaths. I can’t help but feel sad if my religious leader did not bother about me after death, more so after collecting so much money from me when I was alive! #Mayallbeingsbewell&happy

p.s. check the surroundings of a new flat you’re buying and be sure to find out its history from neighbours

A.S.S. Contributor

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