After a student stirred controversy over seat hogging at popular cafes like Starbucks in Singapore, yet another case of seat hogging has caught the attention of the public after a netizen posted a photo of a student couple who occupied seats at the Tampines Hub branch of Starbucks without buying anything!

According to the netizen, she and her son were out enjoying cakes and drinks at about 3.45PM on 31 August when she came across this couple.

The place was full and people were waiting for seats at the coffee joint. However, when the mother and son rose to leave, a young man squeezed past the crowd and set down his material to study, all the while sipping from a drink that did not belong to the cafe.

His girlfriend soon joined him and both began to study without even making an effort to buy anything from the store.

She later saw the man leave to the counter, only to return with just plain water!

She wondered why the couple did not just go to the library, which is located just next to the Starbucks.

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