A nation agonizes over 2 commendable aspiring candidates, from a tiny almost non-existent pool limited by imposed racial restriction, hoping to qualify over an excessively high financial bar that they clearly cannot meet, and a hollow sloganeering ex-government figure trying hard to abandon her recent past and parading her sudden new found neutrality, all over a supposedly noble Presidential campaign sadly undermined and tarnished even before it begin.

The reserved PE has divided the people like never before. A cruel departure from its stately position as the unifying figurehead it was meant to be. It fly against all reason to execute an out of sync intervention on the PE for its declared reason to right some racial inequality in society. It is totally unnecessary and misplaced affirmative action for ulterior motives and will likely backfire.

The smiley faces that front the prospective candidates paint a false media led facade of acceptance for this queer act by the Government. It belies their insincere and bad faith to address deep systemic discriminatory practises that it admits still exists today and may have had a hand in. Ironically, the very community that supposedly will benefit, in fact will have its collective integrity severely damaged for accepting to be used for it.

The issue of race is about the intent of our nation to establish a truly multi-racial democratic society based on justice and equality. What we all pledged to daily, for a good 10 or more years of our lives. This single act by this Government tarnished those words we religiously uttered together, rendering them meaningless into years of futile parroting exercise by us and our children.

Singaporeans should not allow ourselves to forget those lofty ideals that our founding fathers wrote and fought very hard for. This aberration is a sad chapter in our history that we must overcome together. Many of us still truly believe and live our lives daily to realise the multi-racial Singapore that we worked tirelessly to keep.

The Government that once stood for all the good that this country has build, now, is sadly led by leaders who strangely abandons those core principles that has made us to be, a shining beacon of prosperity, justice and equality, that our founding fathers aspires for this nation.

The achievements that we made surely are much more than the mesmerizing iconic skyline of our city. It is more preciously, the collective identity shaped by years of rigour, sacrifices and hearts of the multitude of people of all races living together in this island state we call our home. Each one cognizant of our unique diversity contributing to the colourful tapestry of our multi-racial society build overtime with honesty and mutual respect for one another. These are the sacred values that unfortunately we see eroding caused by the very people that are responsible for its upkeep.

In this lose-lose scenario, the next elected President will unceremoniously inherit a divided country it ironically has caused. We in truth, also allowed ourselves to be divided, for all the wrong reasons. Led by leaders who chooses their vested interest for continued power, above the interest of our nation, our founding fathers and us, the people.

May all of us who love this country and cherished all that it stands for as enshrined in the verses of our constitution, huddle on, wised up and collectively rise again from this dismal state we are in, to one day correct the mistakes we did, before its too late, for the sake of our children and our future generations.
Heads up my fellow Singaporean and be counted when our country needs us the most. We may lose this battle but let us unite to win another day to regain back our country.

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