Since I have tried to resolve this discreetly online with Mcdonald’s and they chose to ignore, time to make them go viral.

Ordered a takeaway Nasi Lemak burger meal at Rivervale Plaza Mcdonalds at around 12am to 1+am during 1 Sep. I normally order my drinks without ice, and I’d give my drinks a shake when I consume to see if the cashier paid attention to my order.

Shook my milo this time round, and I felt something. I thought they forgotten my order of “no ice”. After I finished my drink, I noticed the “ice” is still there. Strange, why ice haven’t melt.

Guess what I found when I open up the lid.

We paid money to get your food leh. Is this the standard you give us? Drink drawer never check? This is an obvious tort of negligence by you mcdonalds.

Everyone pls double check your items if you ordered food from Rivervale Plaza McDonald Branch

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