This needy family from a 3-room flat at Sengkang faces a black-out after the reserve of her Pay U reaches zero value. There is a $3 reserve value on every Pay U meter which can probably last a day or two before it touches zero value and everything goes off after that.

First her lights, fridge and electrical appliances gave way followed lastly by the fan. Stillness fills her house ominously from then on.

The poor really struggles with our high cost of living and one can imagine how many families surviving from hand to mouth – trying to live as normally as possible.

Some can go without proper water supply for months as they find it tough to catch up with our high cost of living as they play catch-up with the various utilities’ payment.

Others simply live in the dark when their Pay U touches zero wondering how they can find any meaningful sense going on living like this.

When the poor is being denied of basic living resources like water, power and housing just because they can’t find the means to pay for them, its degrading, inhumane and merciless. No one in our country should live like this…not when we have almost 700 billion dollars of reserves in our coffers.

Many of those who struggle are also sick and unable to find any viable work as they try their best to cope with paying their bills on time. Moreover, those who are sick have to find additional ways to cope with the hospital treatment cost. Some simply giving up living by not seeking after treatment and let nature takes its course.

Those who are sick and seeking hospital treatment will tell you that Medifund is a myth and after a while the hospital MSW will ignore all your cries for help as there are simply too many cases to handle and manage.

The particular person facing the black-out is a single woman suffering from stage 2 breast cancer and life is hard since she knew about her condition. Her mum passed away recently and at the same time she lost her job as well.

Living her life day by day now and tormented with all kinds of bills from everyone possible, its not difficult to imagine why she questions the purpose of her existence. From having a $15,000 HDB mortgage default to owing the different hospitals several thousands, one can feel her stress as she struggles to stay afloat and alive.

Her cleaning contract comes in on and off and her treatment schedule interferes alot with the work flow. She barely earns less than $500/month working part-time.

If the three Presidential candidates has no serious agenda yet, they should probably look into actively supporting those who are really needy and struggling once elected.

The welfare system has broken down long ago and could not provide any viable sustainable solution to the poor people anymore.

As for the particular woman fighting to live another day, its a black-out moment and terrifying for her too as she lives alone at home in the dark.

We are indeed a rich country but filled with poor people all around us.

Poor People’s Campaign – a ground-up community initiative to improve the living condition of the poor among us.

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