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A manager bought a 2nd hand car and when he got the car, he suspected that the mileage was tampered from 250,000 km to 80,000 km! Frustrated, he went to the police to make a report. 50 year old Mr. Zhang said that after he scrapped his old car in May 2017, he went to a car dealer in Turf City to look for a 2nd hand car, after much decision, he bought an old Nissan Teana for SGD 37,500.

Mr Zhang said: “The online advertisement advertised that the car had only traveled for 80,000 km, claiming that the car had no previous accidents and does not need any maintenance as yet. I went to test drive the car which I found no problems with it, so I decided to buy a car.” To his surprise, the car began to have problems the next day when he was driving it, therefore, he sent the car for repairs, and was shocked to find out that the car had a lot of problems and the components were all very old.

He also said: “The mechanic pointed out to me that given the condition of this car, the mileage should not only at 80,000 km and could be even more, and he suggested me to check it out.” After much investigation, Mr. Zhang was shocked to find out that the previous owner had sent the car for maintenance in December last year. According to the report, the mileage at the very time was already 254,157 km. He also discovered that when the car was sold to the 2nd hand car dealer, the mileage was confirmed at 250,000 km.

Mr. Zhang confronted the car dealer, but they chose to ignore and denied explanation. Mr. Zhang added: “They themselves claimed that when they bought the car, the mileage was really at 80,000 km.”

Feeling extremely disheartened, Mr. Zhang decided to reported to the police on this matter, and is considering whether to take legal action against the dishonest car dealers. A Police spokesman had also confirmed that the authorities have received the report where they will carry out investigations.

Chen Dawei

A.S.S. Contributor

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