A fellow full time national serviceman, Mr Png, has these words for the NSF who wrote in to complain about bullying non-Junior College (JC) educated camp mates.
Read his letter below.
"Dear NSF,
I'm a NSF myself too and very much feel what you feel, though my situation is not as dire as yours. 
During my cadet times in specialization phase of SCS , I felt that there was a hidden tension against me from some of my batch mates (platoon).
To make things upmteen times worst, upon knowing that they are the people that I'm gonna see again few years down the road during my ICT, I dreaded and lamented the fact . At that point, I was not happy and my heart wasn't in trainings and everything I did in camp. 
I knew I needed to act on it and made one of the toughest decision of my life which is to drop out even though it's 1 month to getting my rank. I went to seek help to the MO (with the thought
of suicidal too). I am now seeing the PCC( psychology care center ) and I got down pes to pes e, leading a manageable and fulfilling army life such as being the backbone of the NDP 2017.  
Be bold and make the right choice which you think you will never regret. I have faith in u. I worried about the records plaguing my future but tbh, NS is just 2 years of your whole life .
Don't let it change your whole life negatively if you think it already is. And how many companies actually values a NS portfolio wholly that it would judge u solely on that. Ease ur worries and make the right choice 

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