I found a 1 month old kitten near my office last night. I left him in a box at a dark corner away from prying eyes and intend to feed him every morning and evening.

But just this afternoon, I found him drenched and his box thrown away. I think it was done by some cat hater.

He has a very sweet temperament and hardly meows unless he wants something like sitting on laps or asking for pats.

He’s currently in my house now. I will be bringing him for health checkup tomorrow.

Due to restrictions and commitments, I am unable to adopt him as much as I want to.

Please help to share around so that we can find him a responsible owner and a good home to grow happily in.

Update – He could be more than 1 month old as he took dry food on its own even though I gave it wet food as well. And he has discovered the purpose of the litter box so I guess he’s has litter-trained himself.

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