While netizens are busy slamming her new campaign slogan for being ungrammatical and insipid, presidential candidate Halimah Yacob has stepped up to defend her slogan, “Do Good Do Together”.

In her own words, she felt that the slogan is “catchy” and “easy to understand.”

“I do know that there are also people who support it. (They) find it very good, very impactful. The idea of doing good is something that is so expansive. It covers many things — wanting to see Singapore doing better, Singaporeans doing better, getting the collective support of everyone to stay united so that we can progress together.”

Halimah was speaking to the media after submitting her application forms to the Elections Department (ELD) today to stand for next month’s Presidential Election.

She is the last of the 3 candidates to put in her papers.

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