Netizens who are weighing in on the Sept 23 Presidential Election are focussing on the wrong questions.

The question everyone should be asking is: How many MALAYS in the private sector qualify to be candidates for the election, given the new stringent criteria, especially the one relating to executive responsibility over a company with assets worth at least $500 mil.

Are we able to identify such a company whose Chairman or MD is a Malay? ( Btw, such a criterion automatically exclude all those, regardless of race, who are lawyers and accountants in private practice or firms.)

So the scope narrows down to the public sector where all current and retired civil servants are automatically disqualified leaving only Parliamentarians who are current or ex Speakers and Senior Ministers.

Now, the rethorical question: Are there any, Malays (as well as non Malays) who are non PAP who qualify under this criterion ?

Netizens can surely see the absurdity of such an election. I believe they will be deprived of the opportunity to register their protest via casting blank or spoilt votes – since Mdm ex Speaker’s two opposing Indian candidates ( who also masquerade as Malays) will surely be disqualified under the revised, onerous set of criteria.

So, to escape this dilemma, save face and avoid potential embarrassment, the only recourse for the PAP Govt is to return the original system of Nominated President where mandate is given to Parliament to identify, select and appoint a President, from whichever racial group they wish to choose or rotate, under the advice of a PAP appointed Presidential Council after the latter confer with the Govt of the Day.

No need to second guess which political party that would be.

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