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The 43 years old woman was puzzled after she’s been receiving messages asking for ” special services “, which she found out that someone had listed her as an escort on an adult website. The victim said that the website even stated that she had to look after her kids in the morning and would only be available after 9 pm.

She added that she had received a WhatsApp message from a anonymous person last weekend who asked if she’s free for “booking ”. “After I read the message, I was fuming. It seemed to insinuate that I was providing some sort of sexual services. I immediately asked him how he got my number. He told me that it was via a friends’ introduction but later said that he had dialed the wrong number.”

“Only after I threatened to call the cops, did he tell me that he had gotten my number from a website. He kept apologising after that.” Within two hours, she received another message from a stranger, asking to book her for ‘services’. It was followed by a string of similar messages on WeChat.

At the end of her ropes, she decided to call the police. She added “I am a businesswoman. I have never done anything illegal. To be defamed like this is really upsetting.”

Celeste Chia

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