Yesterday I booked a hitch 1 hour earlier before work and only able to reached my phone until I end my work. As soon as I ended I text the hitch driver and told her that I will be ready by 5:05pm instead of a later timing, my intentions was if she was nearby she can come early to pick me instead of waiting and her respond was so digusted where she stated if you can’t wait then cancel (twice she mentioned) and followed by saying she will be late.

Out of courtesy i just inform her about the timing with no other intentions. I did not take it to heart as I feel maybe there might be a miscommunications and I took awhile to reply her because I’m still at working area… but she sound like impatience.

After work I asked my gf to join me for the hitch ride since she is heading the same direction.

P/S: I forgotten that I need to inform the hitch driver that I have 1 more person with me so apparently I did make a mistake too.

The hitch driver lost her way so she call me and I tried explaining to her where I’m located but she seems clueless and insisted saying that she have reached according to the gps pin point. And I told her I don’t see you, you might have gone to the wrong location or entrance. She told me she was at V entrance where I got no idea where is that and I suggested her to check with the guardhouse. She sound unhappy and start raising her voice at me by saying “You work here you don’t know where izzit???!!!” I was so angry and I told her I only work here occasionally!!!

What kind of attitude is that!!! I don’t bother saying too much so I just hang up.

Finally she reached, my gf and I get into the car, when the trip started she suddenly start to throw her anger and asked: Why 2 pax? Why not 1 pax? Why you didn’t state? Why you didn’t inform me in the 1st place? And she accused me for been ‘DISHONEST’ for not informing her in the first place!!!

And the funny part was she insist to argue by saying I can only fetch 1 person instead of 2 because you all are very ‘HEAVY’ and will ‘SPOILT’ the car!!!

What nonsenses is this???!!! 1st time in my life i hear such!!!

FYI: My gf weighing at 45kg and me weighing at 46kg!!! Wah I didn’t know this will ‘SPOILT’ your car. I was like if you can’t accept then cancel the booking which I can even forgo the $. And she say there no way to cancel. In the end she felt that she got no choice and fetch both of us in a reluctant way.

Well, I didn’t force you, I can just get off the car with my friend and forgo the $. Cause you are just simply been ridiculous and I’m disgusted by your behaviour.

If you are so afraid of your car getting spoilt then don’t bother to drive hitch!!!

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