A Straits Times video featuring an interview with President Tony Tan to mark the end of his presidency has gone viral, but for the wrong reasons.
According to the video, President Tan listed Joseph Schooling's Olympic Gold Medal as one of the highlights of his presidential term.

However, this prompted netizens to flame him for trying to connect Schooling's gold medal with himself.
It had been reported that Schooling's gold medal had little to do with the support of Singapore Sports bodies and more to do with Schooling's unyielding determination to train and best himself.
Netizens had these words for the president on the Straits Times Facebook page:
One Bob Koh wrote: "“To me, Schooling’s own family did everything themselves, money, time, effort. It is embarrassing for ‘them’ to even mention the Olympics gold medal because all ‘they’ are doing is trying to claim credit. Just leave quietly.”
Another netizen wrote: “Dear President, Witnessing something which you have no part in contributing to should not be a highlight of your presidency. Highlight should be something which you have contributed to, especially towards our nation, our people. If witnessing our first Olympic gold is your highlight, then in my honest opinion that incompetency is the only word to describe.”

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