A netizen shares a few ghost stories surrounding Stagmont Camp.

Has anyone experienced these things before?

“Don’t don’t don’t go up to 6th floor.
i’ve been in stagmont for almost 2 years now. that floor is…… spooky. i’ve been there once myself, but it was during the day. one of my friends who went up during guard duty at night saw a picture of a small girl leaning against the wall with 2 green candles burning in front of it. And its not just the 6th floor too….. the generator store in the accom block… beware. and the MPH too. i’ve personally experienced a door opening and closing itself in the MPH once.

Other hot spots:
football field at night. avoid.
once i crossed the field at 9pm, twice, to return my office key. when i was returning back to my office, a dog to my left, started howling just as i was directly alongside the dog.
then, it followed me, barking at something behind me, all the way from one end of the field to the other. i didn’t dare look back, and simply walked as fast as i could.

2 SIG publication store.
our key to this room mysteriously found its way into the room. the funny thing is, as this room is used to store sensitive materials, we have a metal gate, which can only be locked by the key. when my sgt couldn’t find the key, in desperation he removed the gate from its hinges, and slightly damaged the gate. went in, he found the key behind a row of steel cabinets. no way the key could have gotten in there and the gate still remain locked.

the alarm at the muslim cookhouse often rings suddenly by itself in the wee hours of the morning, about 2-4am. normally u would expect the alarm to be responded to, but the DOs, BOSs, Guard Comd and 2ICs all seem to have been briefed one way or another to ignore it and avoid investigating.

SI admin block, the store where they keep the bedsheets.
another friend on guard duty found the store lights on once, and heard scuffling sounds inside, they went in to investigate, and caught…. nobody! when they left the store, they heard footsteps following behind them. his prowling buddy turned around, screamed and fainted. as for my friend, well being bossom buddy that he is, he took off at top speed, without his buddy who fainted. Luckily the other guy was unharmed. apparently he’d seen a pair of glowing red eyes behind them.

SI admin block 2nd floor, corridor outside the Admin Br office.
on duty once, while in the office, at about 8 to 9pm, i heard female footsteps(sounds like someone in high heels walking) 4 times that night.”

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