Recently there is this credit card company that offers mooncake giveaway to their cardholders if their spending hit $3.5K and so on (to determine the number of boxes qualified).

PLEASE do not be fooled by their slogan, ALWAYS read their fine prints. They only have a pathetic handful of 500 boxes to be given away, and yet the promotion period is opened from 15th July to 31st Aug 2017.

For just 500 boxes, it’s apparent that the number is an easy target to achieve. However, they do not announce officially in their website that the number has been reached.

So being the foolish one who still continued using this credit card and signed for my purchases and finally managed to hit $5K, upon checking with them whether am I entitled to 2 boxes with my spending of $5K, I was told that even if cardholder registered, not all of them can hit at least $3.5K. And even if I do, it doesn’t guarantee any qualification, all I can do is to wait and there will be a notification sent to successful cardholder AFTER 15th Sep 2017.

And very unfortunately, eventhough I have registered and chalked up a $5K spending within the said period, I wasn’t qualified to receive 2 boxes of mooncake after the customer service officer happened to be able to access the list and checked for the names of successful cadholders.

I was so upset because instead using of my regular preferred credit card during this period, I fully utilized this credit card with such mooncake promotion entirely for my purchases. Right now, I am feeling so sore about it.

Moral of the story, do not be fooled by such gimmicks to make you spend on their credit card.

A foolish credit card holder

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