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A 25 year old Singaporean man has pleaded guilty to raping a 42 year old cleaner at knifepoint in a back alley, after she managed to foil his attempts in robbing her. Kelvin Singh pleaded guilty to a charge of rape and two charges of sexual assault by penetration for the offences that took place past midnight on Jan 13 last year.

Singh, who had absconded from the Reformative Training Centre at the time, was cycling in the vicinity of Serangoon Gardens, looking for victims to rob when he spotted the woman. The Chinese national was walking home using her usual route after work. He followed her into a back alley of Worthing Road beside Kensington Park Condominium, got down from his bicycle and ran towards her, brandishing a foldable Swiss army knife.

The woman, suspecting that Singh was about to rob her, threw her handbag over the fence of a into the compound of a house at the alley. But a far worse fate was waiting for her, as Singh, enraged that she had foiled his robbery attempt, decided that he wanted to have sex with the woman instead. Holding the knife, he signalled for her to follow him to the end of the alley, where he forced her to perform oral sex on him and raped her after threatening her with the knife. The woman did as she was told out of fear that he would kill her.

Singh was arrested three days later after the police managed to track him down with the help of members of the public. A report by an Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist said Singh has prominent anti-social and narcissistic personality traits but did not suffer from any major mental illness. The report added that he did not appear to show genuine remorse for his actions and was at considerable risk of committing similar serious sexual or violent offences in future.

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