A man was allegedly tasered during a tussle with Singapore Police Force (SPF) officers at the ground area of a Housing & Development Board estate at Bendemeer Road today, but continued to put up a violent resistance to officers trying to arrest the man.
The incident took place today at 12.40PM at the ground area of Block 33 and Block 34, Bendemeer Road.
A netizen who witnessed the event uploaded the video online. See the video here.

In the video, a lone police officer could be seen holding the visibly unstable man off with his taser pointed. Seconds later, his fellow officer shows up and makes a direct lunge for the man, tussling with the man who continued to resist violently with the 2 officers.
After more struggling, the man was finally tackled to the ground. Another 2 officers showed up at that moment and appeared to place the man in handcuffs.

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