A resident wrote to the Town Council to demand action against littering problem in the area:

“Hi! Glad to see that after the actions taken a few months back with regards to staff of retail shops in Ang Mo Kio Central just tossing out their food into the recycling bin and on the floor outside the rubbish chute door, there is no longer visible littering outside the rubbish chute door, although some retail shop staff still insist on using the recycling bin to throw away
food waste sometimes.

However, although there is no longer food being thrown on the floor outside the rubbish chute door, the problem is not transferred to the litter being thrown around the rubbish bins which are simply not enough to contain the amount of litter generated by the retails shops.

I had previously suggested that the retail shops should be requested to have a rubbish bin of their own much like the ones the shops at Blk 709 has.

I will post photos of the rubbish bins around Ang Mo Kio Central. These photos were taken on the night of 28th August. Incidentally, the only bins that did not have litter surrounding them, were the ones near BLK 709. Kudos to that! All the other bins are trashed up.

I strongly believe that no amount of rodent treatment can be truly effective when there is so much food trash being thrown around like this. Please, the shops need to handle their trash better. The environment is filthy. There are rats, cockroaches, and the poor cleaners have their hands full every day as it is.”

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