36 year-old super-yacht captain David Roberts was sailing near the spot when he saw a white car plunge into the sea. Without hesitation, he jumped down into the water and swam towards the sinking vehicle, eventually succeeding in rescuing the driver who had been trapped in the sinking vehicle.

Roberts recounted to reporters the moment when he got to the sunken vehicle, which had already hit the bottom of the water. He tried to open the doors but could not.

He managed to reach in and unbuckle the driver from his seat, but could not pull the man out.

Swimming to the surface, he asked passersby for a rock to break the windows of the car. They handed him a stone and Mr Roberts descended down again to break open the windows of the car and successfully extracted the man from his sunken vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle was unharmed and is now remanded at the Institute of Mental Health. He will make a court appearance on 8 September where he is being charged for committing a rash act.

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