I can’t understand your countrymen’s choice of system of a government that does not follow the law it own self sets, while paying only lip service yet is still able to get away with the atrocities until a higher Power or Coporation threatens to fix them does the PAP start to feel afraid!

I’m an Aussie who is supposed to be accorded 90 days visa free stay in your country as is the same with NZ, Canada & The UK. But each time I land in your country every 4 months, I’m being extensively questioned and sometimes given only 1 month’s stay and not allowed to re-enter until the year is over.

When I queried the reason for my hostile treatment, ICA officials claimed they can choose not to honour bilateral treaties as the minister for home affairs has given them the discretion to “do whatever they like that deems fit”. This is NOT democracy but North Korean Autocracy in disguise!

Australia has been so nice to you guys by allowing you easier access to our country, supporting S’pore internationally and protecting you from the 5 power defence agreement yet this is how your ungrateful government treats us in return. I think Australia & NZ should review its position on S’pore in view of mutiple human rights violations where even the nephew of your embattled PM had to flee the country!

The reason why I visit your country often is cos I married a S’porean formerly and though we’re divorced, we still maintain friendship with each other and our relatives and friends. Being a retiree with nothing to do, I fly here often to kill time.

But what I can’t understand is, S’pore’s double standards of allowing human trafficking of Thai & Viet people by issuing “entertainment visas” for them to work at posh clubs around Clarke Quay before they are transported to other first world nations for sexual exploitation. I hope the advocacy groups, “HOME” & “CAN” will pay attention to this!

R. Saddington
A.S.S. Contributor

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