The little girl seen rushing down to greet Singapore 50M Freestyle champion Amanda Lim has been found, thanks to helpful netizens who informed the swimmer of the girl’s identity.

The swimmer had posted on Facebook yesterday evening asking for details on the girl’s identity after she failed to greet the girl, who was seen in official games footage rushing down the stands to get closer to the swimmer as she waved to her family.

In the video, Amanda Lim could be see throwing her family a SEA Games mascot.

Realizing that she had missed seeing the girl, the swimmer took to Facebook to help locate the girl, stating that she wanted to give the girl a similar SEA Games mascot to thank her for her enthusiastic support.

Lim has since updated the post. She wrote: “THE LITTLE GIRL, Caitlin Chan, HAS BEEN FOUND! I will be doing my due diligence once I get back from my holiday! The power of social media – THANK YOU everybody!!!”

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