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A van driver, David Joseph John, 62,who was originally fined $10,000 for negligently causing the death of an elderly pedestrian was given a two-week jail term instead. This followed an appeal by the prosecution to the High Court.

John, who is a market stallholder, was also banned from driving for five years for failing to keep a proper lookout while he was driving along Outram Road on the evening of Nov 13, 2015. As he was approaching a corner with a side road, his van struck 79-year-old Wong Fook Hin, who had already crossed three lanes of the five-lane road from the driver’s left to right. Mr Wong was taken to SGH unconscious with severe injuries, and he died 10 days later without waking up.

John had pleaded guilty in March this year of causing Mr Wong’s death by a negligent act. He had also been found guilty of causing grievous hurt to a nine-year-old cyclist in a separate traffic accident three weeks earlier. It was stated in court that Mr Wong had been jaywalking when the accident happened. The prosecution argued that John’s degree of negligence was not affected in any way by the fact that Mr Wong had been jaywalking.

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