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Good news for drivers who only know how to drive and park, but always forgets where the parked car is. Changi Airport is rolling out the the new Video-based Parking Guidance System (VPGS) to help motorists who simply refuse to note down where they park their cars on apps on their phone, and promptly forgot where they parked soon after.

Touted as the first of its kind in such a large-scale parking facility, the system uses video analytics to give drivers a foolproof way to find their car if they cannot locate it. This will come as a relief to Airport staff, as it will now be easier for them to help hapless motorists find their parked cars. It is reported that every week, about six drivers approach a Changi carpark staff member for help to find their cars.

Now, instead of physically going around looking for the car at the car parks, as the new VPGS cameras can scan and decipher licence plate information and track what time vehicles enter and exit the spaces. Commissioned in June, the system works via video cameras installed above all parking spaces. This means, you just have to enter the licence plate of the car, and it can be located via the video system.

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