An employee at a Malaysian food store posted his disappointment with a Singaporean couple who ruined his day after they ran away from his store without paying.

This incident happened on Saturday at about 7.30PM at Restoran Soon Soon Heng, Jalan Serigala, Century Garden, Johor Bahru.

According to the employee, he was serving a well-dressed “atas” looking couple when after their meal, they told him that they left their wallets in the car. When the employee looked at their dressing, he thought that they did not look like the kind who would skip on payment, what more since the bill had only come up to about RM80.00 or just $25 in Singapore dollars. He allowed the man to leave the table while his girlfriend stayed behind.

However, he became suspicious when the woman subsequently tried to sneak out of the restaurant too. After alerting his boss, both the employer and employee tailed the woman to the couple’s Toyota Camry SKM 3926K. Upon discovering that they had been tailed, the couple floored their accelerator dangerously and sped away, leaving the employer and employee duo in shock.

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