Netizens excited about the 50M freestyle win by champion Singapore swimmer Amanda Lim, who brought home her 5th Gold medal in the event for Singapore recently at the South East Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, now have another reason to gush about Lim.
In a heartwarming post on Facebook, the Singapore champion wrote about her failure to spot a little girl, who had rushed down the stands to celebrate her win. Lim had been holding a SEA Games mascot and was waiting to throw the gift to a lucky fan and did not notice the young girl running through the crowd to catch the doll.
Lim subsequently learnt of the little girl's attempts to reach her and decided that she would do a little something for the young fan.
"To the small little girl in the stands cheering on the night of my 50m freestyle race, I am sorry I did not see you hurrying down all the way from the top of the stands after the victory ceremony. I waved to my family from the poolside to thank them for coming down to support me and to give them the games mascot. It must be all the elation I was feeling that somehow clouded me from seeing anyone else other than my family from the crowd. 

Therefore, I'm calling on the power of social media to help me find this little girl, whom I so carelessly missed out so that I can send a games mascot to her as a gesture of appreciation and apology for not seeing her that night. 
Please help to share this post and call on all your friends and family to help!! Send me a private message if you guys know who she is!



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