Dear Editors,

Please share my post up as I need my post to go viral to stop taking advantage or misuse grabhitch thinking that grabhitch is another commercial or taxi service.

Happen to see this request for tomorrow 27/8/17 at 5pm from Blk 6XXC Jurong West St 64 to Pasir Ris MRT at 5pm with the note “Pax need to reach Pasir Ris MRT by 6pm.”

Now this is very obvious that is someone else booking on behalf of a Tekong recruit booking in tomorrow. Unlike commercial car or taxi service, by right hitchers are supose to identify themselves and only request for a ride for their own, not someone else like their son or Friend or whoever. And that this “hitcher” is obviously telling hitch drivers to only pick that recruit as he is rushing to book in.

Now if the person that requested by the name “XX Xuo” is a parent, I would say that he/she is spoiling his/her boy who is in army by teaching them how to be stingy and selfish, if he/she is so afraid of surge, just book a taxi or ask the boy to leave home early, maybe at 4.30pm and take the direct train from Boon Lay MRT down to Pasir Ris as Blk 662C Jurong West Street 64 is just opposite Boon Lay MRT!

I am sharing this is because I don’t want grabhitch or RYDE drivers to be misused by such riders as this will make riders bolder day by day, we have got all kinds of riders lately using grabhitch from request over All Singapore Stuff to making a big scene out of no reason when rejected by drivers after a commissioning parade.

As far as we expect more of such nonsense to come, I hope grab looks into this as well and ASS Editors can post such articles up to show the audiences what kind of riders we have lately and to make them ashamed of what they are doing, we drivers aren’t taxi or private hire car drivers and please do not label us as someone whom are greedy over petrol money or maintenance costs.

Too all grabhitch and RYDE drivers out there, you have been warned and happy hitching!

Thank your

A.S.S. Contributor

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