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A 24 year old man was reported to have followed a 62 year old woman while she was waiting at the lift lobby of her block in Punggol Drive after her morning exercise, and subsequently exposed himself to her and a domestic worker.

The victim said that she first noticed Muhammad Ariffin Abdul Majid while waiting for the lift, and when the lift arrived, Ariffin entered the lift and held the door open for the victim. But the victim felt uncomfortable, so she declined to enter. Ariffin stepped out and started following the victim, who by then was walking towards the void deck of the neighbouring block. She quickly approached a domestic worker who was pushing an elderly individual in a wheelchair. The victim, who by now was feeling scared as Ariffin was still following her, tried calling her husband twice, but he did not answer the phone calls.

Ariffin, who was standing behind a wall, exposed himself and did an obscene act, annoying both the victim and the maid. Ariffin then followed the trio. In an attempt to shake him off, the trio made their way towards a public park. Ariffin continued to follow them towards Block 618C, Punggol Drive. When the victim turned around, Ariffin exposed himself again. The victim and the maid quickened their pace, and eventually lost sight of him.

For this act, he was jailed for three weeks.

Navin S

A.S.S. Contributor

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