Did we hear correctly? Singapore Tourism Board goes from “Uniquely Singapore” to “YourSingapore” to… *drum roll* “PASSION MADE POSSIBLE”.

The new branding was released today and will target both tourists and businesses to our little red dot. STB said the new tagline represents a “passionate, never-settling spirit of determination and enterprise that constantly pursues possibilities and reinvention”.

Can’t get your head around this new tagline? You’re not alone man. Here are some netizens who responded to the news:

Dexter: “We certainly have lots of passion for frequent breakdown trains!”

Sue RaeLynn: “Passion? Come on lah we even have one of the world’s lowest fertility rates! Simi passion..”

Jimmy Beany: “The ad looks more like it was created to invite more foreigners to work/immigrate to Singapore where your passion is made possible. No tourists will look at this and think it’s a tourism video.”

Phua Koon Kee: “Lame and uninspiring. Same as current leadership team.”

A netizen who claimed he was supposed to pitch for the project also said: “Looking at what eventually came of it, I am so glad we didn’t win the project.”

#Burn? Ownself Passion Ownself la! Simi is passion made possible?!

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