Dear All Singapore Stuff Editor,

I am indeed impressed with the inspired story of Pamela, a Singapore woman who turns to prostitution after getting $500k in debt and ends up marrying her client. Her experience was horrible and she felt humiliated while prostituting herself.

However, she had continued as she wanted to get out of debt. There is even one time where she ended up with gonorrhea that is a sexually transmitted infection. Eventually, she got married to her husband when she was pregnant with their first child. But she is now still in debt of over $400,000.

After reading her story, there is one thing that came to my mind. Doesn’t her act of prostituting herself had constitute to an offense of living on or trading in prostitution under the Women’s Charter.

Is there a need for mainstream media to publish such interview and will this create a wrong impression for the youngsters in Singapore. Why is she so proud of her history when she is still in debt that is not much difference of her original amount.

A.S.S. Contributor

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