I am going to share my complain here and will subsequently forward this to Grab, LTA and mindef, I am getting very pissed!

Yesterday, my husband and I were attending my son’s graduation parade with my Mother and made a Grabhitch request of 4 pax at 8.45pm from Pasir Laba back to Woodlands Dr 50 because it’s only $13 while GrabCar and uber surged to $30+.

However we waited till 8.45pm when we were walking out to the pick up point, there wasn’t any driver accepting our request! It was then we decided to try booking grabhitch with 1 request of 1 pax and put different destinations around the vicinity of Woodlands Dr 50, guess what! A money minded driver exiting Pasir Laba camp accepted all of our hitch! I immediately retain my booking and ask my husband and son to cancel their hitch booking and walk to the car, to my horror, after my the other 2 bookings were cancelled, the driver cancelled on me! Furthermore, this driver was an NSF driving an empty car home!

I am not sure why but it really makes my blood boil when we saw so many empty cars exiting the map and when we asked, nobody even bother to hitch us home!

We are left with no choice but to book Uber and paid $36!

Grab and LTA , please take actions against such Grabhitch drivers! They are suppose to honor bookings and not being so money minded, if they want to be money minded, then go drive GrabCar or uber! Not hitch! And also Grab, when my son was in his profesional training in Sungei Gedong, we also have problems booking grabhitch. If your grabhitch drivers are so calculative, then what compelled them to drive grabhitch? Can’t they just help our poor boys in green?

MINDEF, you certainly brought shame to the public, so much about your core values “Care for soldiers”, my son whom is officially a sergeant now is also a soldier, why can’t just for a day in a year just hitch us back? Your NSFs can drive empty cars back and when request for hitch, they reject and even got the cheeky to charge standard car rate of $35 per Way! What the hell is going on? If during war time, are your NSFs going to charge people for taking their cars to escape?

This is just once in a while event, can’t these drivers , especially our NS boys who drive, just be a bit more kind to the overwhelming crowd? What has become of our boys in green?

A.S.S. Contributor

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