Be careful to be “obedient” grab car driver… otherwise, they will shame u in public.. this is the sms I received today..

The following GrabCar drivers have been suspended from using our app as they were found to have abused our platform. We have also banned a few passengers for misusing our service. These actions are necessary to build a quality platform for both drivers and passengers. GC driver’s code of conduct:

Ng Pxay Siong SLX686XM
Ko Wxe Kiat SLX547XT
Kee Yxng Pinx SGX541XZ
Muhammad Haxrul Bin Abxul Halil SJX315XA
Tay Tzx Yi, Lxonel SJX889XS
Cxew Sxee Kit SLX30XU
Lee Pixg Siong, Dexmond SKX575XM
Tan Texw Yoxg SLX709X
Tan Wxe Bin SGX71X0P
Lee Kxr Poh, Lxuis SXC7XL
Tan Hxng Kai SKX121XX
Ng Chi Yxng Kevin SXY770XD
Lee Sxew Ching Wxndy SLX60XD
Tan Bxe Tiong SLX432XP
Tan Wxi Sheng Gxry SJX830XH
Lee Chxng Sin, Shxwn SXW666XM
Ng Cxeng Leng SJX394XC
Teo Ah Sxng SGX761XR
Haxinderpal Kaur SJX1X45P
Jagjxtpal Sinxh SXA154XP
Woxg Sze Tik SKX988XC
Kam Yxw Fun SLX138XY
Hoe Chxng Yue SLX5184D
Song Xiaxlong SLL810XX
Kamxrudin Bin Bxnjari SJX4951J
Krxshna S/O Gxneson SGX1147P
Ng Chxong Wong SLX8214M
Rixxard Lee Chin Wan SGX410E
Ye Jia Cxeng SLX9006R
Sim Mxew Fee SLM21X6G
Tan Jxn Jie SGX112XA
Jaxkson Ng Ming Shxng SLX503XJ
Lim Bxon Kexng SLX93XL

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