Dear A.S.S. Editor

Malaysia is doing incredibly well in the SEA games. They are currently top of the medal standings, way ahead of second-placed Vietnam and also Singapore. Traditional powerhouse Indonesia have been left far behind in their wake. It is to be expected, after all, they are the host nation.

But Malaysia, it seems, cannot get one basic thing right. The flags of their neighbours. They seem to be bogged down by this one issue, where they have failed miserably in assigning the right flag to the right country.

This picture tells a thousand words. For some reason, Singapore had their flag changed to Thailand’s. Vietnam has the Singapore flag, Thailand has the Indonesian flag, Indonesia now is under the Vietnam flag, the Philippines bears the Myanmar flag, and Myanmar in turn, is listed alongside the Philippine flag, Laos has the Cambodian flag, and Cambodia bears the Laos flag. That’s eight flags out of 11 countries wrong.

Some might say this was just a technical glitch, but it is all embarrassing. They only had 4 decades to familiarize themselves with the flags of their neighbours.

Sheryl Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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