Dear Editors,

With the recent news that ComfortDelGro taxis are joining alliances, I am really disappointed to say that we have to enjoy their no surge pricing flat fare while it lasts, soon we will bid farewell to ComfortDelGro’s no surge pricing.

I have been supporting ComfortDelGro taxis because of its non surge pricing 24/7 ever since it was launched and everyone thought ComfortDelGro has shelved its plans to work with uber and also introduce surge pricing as mentioned in the papers earlier this year to attract more ridership. However, we were wrong!

I am not sure why ComfortDelGro decided to change their mind instead, probably too many choosy taxi drivers are complaining a decline of their earnings. But I do think that ComfortDelGro should just think of more ways to benefit drivers such as giving them bonuses, incentives and a reduction of rental! Now, they are just trying to boost their drivers earnings at the expense of their riders!

With that, I think I have to start saving up to buy a car or ask around for car hitching already, especially during peak hours once ComfortDelGro starts its alliance with uber. They are just going to make our trains and buses more overcrowded. I guess car hitching or SIX rider shall be my next option because I am pretty sure that once ComfortDelGro starts its surge with uber, Grab will start to surge their GrabTaxi as well to ensure cabbies earn more and that would also mean that cabbies will start to ignore street jobs or GrabTaxi jobs.

I seriously hope that the LTA and PTC can look into this and take actions accordingly. Kindly make this viral.

A.S.S. Contributor

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