There has been a twist to the ongoing saga involving Ms Danielle Goh and a SAF regular who gave her a lift home using the car pooling app, GrabHitch.

In a previous article, it was reported that Ms Goh had reported a SAF regular driving GrabHitch to the MINDEF Feedback Unit for moonlighting, which resulted in the SAF regular receiving a $2,000 fine in lieu of detention.

To contest this depiction of Ms Goh as an ungrateful commuter out to sabotage a serviceman’s career, a friend of Ms Goh’s has sent fresh evidence which allegedly shows the SAF regular sending harassing text messages to Ms Goh’s mobile number.

Ms Goh’s friends have also penned an open letter to social media and mainstream media sites revealing more details on Ms Goh’s ride with the SAF regular.

According to the letter, Ms Goh had taken the front seat of the SAF regular’s car and held a short polite conversation with the driver until she was dropped. However, she started to receive intrusive text messages from the driver after her ride. She first reported the incident to Grab first, before finally approaching the police to stop the driver from sending her messages.

Ms Goh has reportedly received backlash from the public since the leaking of the MINDEF screenshot online. She even alleges that suspicious characters have been seen waiting for Ms Goh outside her home.

Under Singapore law, persons found loitering anywhere at any time without an adequate explanation for being there, alone or in the company of 2 or more, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than one year and not more than 3 years.

Read their open letter here:


On the 15th of December 2016, my friend, Ms Danielle Goh took the grab hitch ride with one of her friend. It was a long day at work and they were heading home. The hitch was at 8:30pm.

Ms Danielle Goh took the front seat as the back seat was half occupied. Danielle did not even notice that he was wearing uniform during the ride until he started the conversation and mentioned it on his own. Danielle knew it was hitch and short conversation was held between them until she was dropped off.

This incident happened before grabhitch changed the data privacy protection scheme. Thus the driver had Danielle’s number. However, after the ride, he texted Danielle privately. The conversation was intrusive which led to Ms Danielle Goh feeling very uncomfortable.Additionally, we have screenshots of the entire conversation as proof of what the National Servicemen said. This was totally unprofessional coming from a employee of a reputable company like a Grab.

The truth is she reported the incident to Grab first, before approaching the police, whom warned him to cease his harassment of Ms Danielle Goh by texting her incessantly. This clearly shows the rationale for Ms Danielle Goh reporting him to the police in the first place.

She has faced numerous backlash from the public both online and offline, and suffered severe emotional distress till date. We are writing this to bring the truth to light and enable her to start on fresh note again.

Thank you.”

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