At the NDR this year, PM Lee picked 3 easy topics to talk about: pre-school education, smart nation and diabetes. He completely ignored talking about the important and pressing issues that are hurting Singaporeans both in near and long term:

* frequent MRT train breakdowns
* high cost of living
* need for a minimum wage
* continual low productivity
* high rental cost of doing business
* “FTs” displacing our local PMETs
* stagnation of salaries relative to inflation
* unhealthy trend of having more graduates driving Uber
* Singaporeans can’t afford to have more babies
* China by-passing Singapore and investing more in Malaysia
* China wanting to base missile systems in JB
* China’s OBOR initiaive and its long term effect to Singapore
* Etc.

One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to find any US presidents talking about how to take care of one’s health in any of the annual State of Union Address (equivalent to our NDR).

In fact, in US, the job of advising public on health issues falls into the Surgeon General, who is the operational head of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. He is the leading public spokesperson on matters of public health in the US and would be the equivalent of our Director of Medical Services in MOH.

Perhaps at the NDR next year, PM Lee may wish to consider talking about another easy and mundane topic – the weather. Instead of letting the Director-General of the Meteorological Service in NEA to do the talking, he can advise us himself at the next NDR.

What do you think?

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