This happened at Northpoint Shopping centre, 22/8/2017. I couldn’t find my Indonesian helper, who cannot understand English, for about an hour already. I went to customer service and there were a few staff. I asked them to help me page for my non speaking English domestic helper.

This was the conversation between myself and a staff, whom I think is a Malay (there were Malay staff)

Me: can you help me to page for my maid in Malay language because she doesn’t understand English.

Staff(S): No, we have to page in English as it’s our regulation.

Me: please help me to say it in Malay language as my helper really cannot understand English.

S: No, we cannot.

Me: alright then, can you help me to page her in English?

S: paging………. please PROCEED …… etc

Me: can you please change the word proceed to “come” instead as my helper really cannot understand this word. She should be able to understand “come”

S: NO, cannot. It’s the company procedure. We cannot change it.

(I could see the side glare that her colleagues and herself were giving me. As if I am a trouble maker).

Finally, I told them I wanted to meet the Manager after my repeated request were REJECTED. Fortunately, they came and went extra mile by deploying all security personnel at each level to look out for my helper and they finally they located her.

I was impressed with the higher management efficiency. However, the front line staff is not flexible and rigid with attitude problem. Imagine I was already so worried and asking for help and there she was, rejecting my request to page in Malay language.

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