After news broke of the dismissal of the US 7th Fleet commander, Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin due to a "loss of confidence" in his ability to lead the fleet following several unfortunate accidents that led to the deaths of US sailors, Singaporean netizens have began asking similar questions about our public transportation.
One netizen sums up these sentiments with his Facebook post here.
Read his account here.
"I refer to page A7 of today's Straits Times, the story about the dismissal of the commander of the United States 7th Fleet, Vice-Admiral Joseph Aucoin due to "loss of confidence" in his ability to command, following a series of accidents at sea this year, two of which killed sailors.
Now, look at the so called self-proclaimed 3 times improvement of our MRT. After close to 30 years of operations, we are still grappling with signaling and track problems etc. Train disruptions and breakdowns etc have become an almost every few days problems. Even newer lines like the Circle line and the NE line are not spared. I have checked if we under pay Desmond Kuek or Khaw BW and the answer is No. I have also checked if fatalities also happened under their watch and the answer is Yes. 
So, the next question is why are they still comfortably in their jobs when Joseph Aucoin lost his due to the United States' government "loss of confidence" in him? 
Our national loss of productivity each time train services are affected is something that has not even been factored in yet, for crying out out. I am not sure if lhl, the prime minister, has been properly and thoroughly briefed about the sorry and unacceptable state of our MRT or his reports on them were sugar coated by his subordinates to at least make them look not as bad.
This maritime accident happened in our waters and the dismissal decision of the commander of the 7th Fleet came fast and decisive. I hope that lhl is not sleeping but takes a leaf and learn a thing or two from it and make those respective leaders in either SMRT or MOT etc truly accountable for the results and outcomes of the performances/duties under their watch count.
Loss of confidence in our people about the people running SMRT is a real thing although it is invisible, and if not managed properly, it can easily snowballed to become a loss of confidence in this alearly tattered pap government."

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