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The man who held his own father in a neckhold and chokehold, causing the 67 year old man to subsequently die of his injuries, was found guilty of committing a rash act that led to his father’s death, and was jailed for a year on Thursday.

Businessman Mark Tan Peng Liat, 31, was also found guilty of one count of being in possession of 13 air pistols, and was fined $5,000 as well. he was originally charged with committing culpable homicide not amounting to murder of his father in their home at West Coast Rise in February 2015.

But after his nine day trial, District Judge Eddy Tham found him guilty of the reduced charge instead. In his grounds of decision, Judge Tham noted that Mark Tan had attempted to restrain his father by hooking his right arm around the older man’s neck. He had also gripped his father’s neck around the collarbone with his left hand. This was allegedly done to restrain and stop his father from assaulting him. Forensic pathologist Lee Chin Thye found the elder Mr Tan had died from his neck being manually pressed on, with a hypertensive heart disease Mr Tan Kok Keng was suffering from contributing to his death.

It was understood that Mark Tan intends to file an appeal against the conviction and sentence of the offence involving the rash act. He was offered a bail of $50,000 pending the appeals.

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