37 year-old Chef Scott Bradley Hannan, a New Zealand citizen, was sentenced to 3 weeks jail for grabbing the collar of a police officer at Changi Airport Terminal 2 on 16 August 2017.

The court heard Hannan had arrived from Australia and had been waiting in the transit area for his flight to Thailand, where he had drunk about 8 pints of beer and took a nap. He woke up, realized that he had missed his flight and sought help from a transfer counter.

The Kiwi was by then clearly drunk and began to create a ruckus at about 8.08AM in front of a service counter in the departure transit area, which brought him to the attention of 2 police officers.

When the officers tried to facilitate an amicable resolution to the matter, the Kiwi became uncooperative and agitated, grabbing a senior staff sergeant by the collar with his right hand, sending the radio set attached to the officer’s epaulette to the floor. The 2 police men moved back and advised Hannan to calm down, but he responded by charging at them.

He was put down with necessary force as he put up a violent struggle.

Hannan’s lawyer pleaded for leniency for his client, claiming that his client had been stressed from rushing down from Perth to Bangkok, where his 2½-year-old son was suffering from pnuemonia in hospital.

“The combination of alcohol, anxiety and stress due to his son’s hospitalisation, sleep deprivation and the shock of him missing his flight led to Scott behaving completely out of character,” said Hannan’s defense. He added that Hannan regretted his behavior as it was “incredibly foolish”.

Hannan could have been jailed up to 4 years and/or fined.

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