A netizen shared this amusing appeal to kind hearted Singaporeans working at Pasir Laba Camp to hitch a family of 4 home tonight.

Any body kind enough to give them a hitch home?

“I am writing this in here because I know if I post a request on RYDE or Grabhitch it is not going to be accepted.

I will be going for my son’s graduation parade at Pasir Laba camp this evening with my hubby and the other son of ours, which is 4 pax and the event will end around 8.30pm and we will leave Pasir Laba Camp for our Sengkang home at 9pm. We need to hitch because my son will be bringing stuffs home and would he inconvenient to take public transport and we do not want to take those illegal private buses.

The reason why I post this here is because there are more audiences than in grabhitch and their community Facebook page, and most of the users there are either IBs or just a machine gun firing at riders for being cheapskate. I do not want to book grab or uber because they are going to surge ridiculously high and I do not want to stand down there to wait for a car or cab for that long as cabbies nowadays are very choosy. Attended another graduation event in May at Pasir Laba and called for Comfort taxi using their fixed fare scheme but no drivers accepted my booking and I ended up having to use SIX because there wasn’t any surge and waitied 20 minutes for the SIX rider car to pick me up.

Editors, please help to share my post to read out to car owners out there to give us a ride, we will give additional tips for any driver willing to pick us up at around 9pm from Pasir Laba camp later.

Don’t tell me there aren’t any drivers as there will definitely be some army regulars or perm staffs/ NS boys that will leave from camps around there at that time with an empty car. And also those factory or shipyards staffs that will end work after OT from Tuas should be passing by.

Please help thanks. I am not that kind that will sabotage others.”

A.S.S. Contributor

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