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The building that caught fire at Toh Guan Road, that claimed the life of a 54 year old woman back in May, was found to have cladding that did not meet safety standards under the Fire Code, announced the SCDF today.

An SCDF investigation into the fire found that the composite panels used as cladding on the building’s external walls did not meet regulatory standards, it said in a statement. Under the Fire Code, composite panels which are used as cladding must be either non-combustible or certified Class 0. Composite panels that fall under Class 0 means the fire will not spread along the surface of the material when ignited.

Based on SCDF reports, the cladding used in the Toh Guan Road building were supplied by an overseas manufacturer through a local sole distributor, although no names were given. Most worryingly, SCDF carried out extensive investigations since the accident, and found 40 other buildings in Singapore could potentially have used cladding materials that were not of Class 0 standard. However, the SCDF have moved to reassure the public that these buildings have been certified safe for occupancy.

SCDF are currently working with all the building owners to replace the affected cladding within 2 months. Based on ealrly reports, one of the buildings affected is the newly built Our Tampines Hub.

Jerome Tan

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