A netizen has shared this appeal for crowdfunds for the 2 Singaporean men who were detained in Abu Dhabi for breaking laws on cross dressing in the UAE.
Read their appeal for help here.
"Pls Share!! 
Help needed!
POSB Savings, 276-11128-0
Dear Friends,
This is Fadli's sister. We have found a lawyer for Fadli and Fifi. After searching for a week, we have found two–and both their fees are 60,000dirhams++. We have decided to engage the lawyer who has been helping us for a longer period of time, and whom we trust to handle this with all their might. 
60,000dirhams is roughly equivalent to $22,300. We aim to raise $25,000 to cover the translation costs and court fees which are on top of the initial sum. See attached screenshot for email correspondence with the lawyer. 
As such, we have set up a brand new account to raise these legal fees for Fadli & Fifi. This account had been started at $0 to ensure transparency and accountability.
Vanessa and Jocelyn will manage this account & provide all donors regular updates on how much we have raised, as well as receipts of payment to the law firm in Abu Dhabi when we get the transfer across.
Please email [email protected] to indicate donation amount, and so we can keep you updated on the progress. All email addresses are collected for the sole purpose of updating donors on the progress and to provide evidence that funds have been transferred to the lawyers. All information will be private and confidential. 
We are thankful for everyone who has expressed their support. And we hope we can pull through this together.
Thank you."

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