Some people say, they DON’T TRUST Mr Salleh Marican, a Successful self made Millionaire (Net worth of $125M in 2008) earned various Business/ Entrepreneurial Awards, Treasurer of Temasek Foundation Cares a Government Charitable Organistion whose Chairman is Mr Richard Magnus (retired Chief District Judge) will donate ALL $9.24M salary to Charity if Elected because ALL Businessmen CANNOT be trusted!

Mr Salleh Marican also said he will HAND OVER his Mainboard Listed Company Second Chance business to his brother Mr Hassan Marican to run if Elected.

1) Do you think a Successful Wealthy Businessman who worked so hard ALL his life to BUILD GOOD REPUTATION to run Presidency will LIE to destroy all his credentials over night ?

2) Mr Salleh Marican had donated $2M in the past to Charity. Didn’t this proved his GENEROSITY ?

3) Didn’t President Trump, a Successful Wealthy Businessman FULFIL his promise to take US$1 salary as promised if elected ?

4) IS IT FAIR to call a person a liar when you have NO EVIDENCE to prove he lied before and cannot be trusted ?

5) Are you saying Mr Richard Magnus (retired Chief District Judge) will APPOINT a Dubious Character to be Treasurer for Temasek Foundation Cares, a Government Charitable Organisation ?

Remember this, WHEN A PUBLIC FIGURE/ POLITICIAN WANT TO LIE, he will give you a VAGUE committment like OK, I WILL DO BETTER THE NEXT TIME without giving a specific target and time frame so that you CAN’T FAULT HIM !

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