Dear A.S.S.,

I am a senior citizen living in a HDB flat in Fengshan, Bedok. How do you deal with an inconsiderate neighbour who does endless renovation-like work in his flat causing unbearable noise which resonates into my

There is persistent stomping sounds, incessant pounding, dropping heavy equipment, hammering and dragging furniture noises late into the night. This has been going on every day for the past at least six months . I have been through the rounds with my complaint, NEA, Town Council, Police, HDB and my MP. NOBODY could help me.

I did receive a reply from HDB though. After investigation they have concluded that I have to be tolerant as living in a high density environment noise is inevitable! I can be tolerant but doesn’t my neighbour have to do his part too by being considerate by not making such loud noises that will affect others?

The HDB officer claims it is not renovation then what’s all these heavy duty noise?

I feel as if I’m living in a construction site. And why is he allowed to carry on endlessly for months without a permit and as and when he likes?

It is sad that I have to live under his terms although I pay the same conservancy charges.

I am getting so traumatised, everytime there is a slight noise I cringe because I know I will not be able to sleep until he stops work which could be 12am, 1:00am.

Ms Kwek
A.S.S. Contributor

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