Call the town council last night regarding a portable toilet place just right outside of my kitchen’s window for a day and requested for their help to shift it away. So many promises made.

Say within an hour, then say by today cause now raining. But this morning the toilet is still there.

Call them again and the officer in-charge didn’t get back to me even after 2.5hours.

Tried to ask the cleaner to get his officer to come but still no call: Had rush down personally to the office instead.

While on the way there, saw the cleaner and he told me that his officer say that Singaporean have to be more understanding(ohh wow, can answer his subordinate’s call but can’t response to mine)

Another officer met me at the town council office and told me he will try to resolve this asap. 2nd day and I still can’t open my window, can’t hang my laundry and can’t cook.

After talking to my neighbor then I realized that they too make a complaint as the toilet was originally place outside their window. After their complaint, then it was shift to my window.

When talking to the officer in-charge last night he actually told me that he will resolve the matter by shifting the toilet to my other neighbor’s window. (He’s totally trying to cause a neighbor dispute here).

This just conclude how ‘efficient’ and ‘responsible’ our town council officers are.

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