I am a fellow Singaporean. I love and respect the diversity of different races and religions which makes up the core of our country's unique identity. 
I am living at an area with many Chinese neighbours and they would often burn joss paper in the bins allocated at the ground floor. It's a normal routine for them and i have no problems at all. I am living in the 2nd floor by the way. 
But during the start of the 7th month, as i reached my block after my journey back home from work, i had noticed a huge gulf of smoke covering the common corridor outside my unit. I was worried for my family and especially the kids, including a toddler in my house. 
My neighbours were burning joss paper at a rate of god knows how many pile of papers at one time, producing a thicker than usual smoke that i have never seen before. I had approached the neighbour who's bin is producing the smoke to seek their co-operation to minimise the thickness of the smoke, which they happily obliged and have since apologised.
I would like to seek help from my fellow Chinese brothers and sisters, i'm ok with the practice of burning joss papers but please do it a slow rate of a few pieces paper at a time so as to minimise the thickness of the smoke. We the non-Chinese will continue to stay tolerant to your practice if you continue to be considerate when burning joss papers. Good day and Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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